Santa Clarita Cowboys
Youth Tackle Football Ages 5 to 15

Welcome to The Santa Clarita Cowboys

Santa Clarita Cowboys is proud to compete with the other 20 Southern California Conference POP WARNER Youth Football Organizations! Pop Warner is STRONG, having another 131 Pop Warner Youth Football Organizations just in California. Pop Warner is preeminent, best known, truly AMERICAN Youth Football with its annual NATIONAL SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONSHIP that is televised on ESPN!!! We hold in-person Registration at every Practice. With or without our Awesome Fundraising Assistance, we have the absolutely lowest youth football fee in Santa Clarita!! With our Awesome Fundraising Assistance, you can play football for as little as $20 total out of pocket cost. If you don’t want to participate in the Fundraising at all, our total fee is just $300; our minimum registration deposit is just $20. Extensive community support keeps our overhead costs down and allows us to offer the lowest youth football fee in Santa Clarita!!! Again, sign up NOW for the only $20 registration deposit, receive your Fundraiser, get your Santa Clarita Cowboys shirt and Santa Clarita Cowboys shorts uniform as soon as you pay your $20 deposit” (WE TAKE CASH, CHECK, CREDIT CARDS & DEBIT CARDS). Email President@SantaClaritaCowboys.ORG for dates, times and location of our Practices (again, we do registration at all practices). We truly believe that academics and athletics go hand in hand with our student athletes. We strive to develop student athletes who can look forward to continuing their football endeavors in high school and go on to attend college. Our organization is totally run by volunteers. If you want to volunteer with our organization there is a place for you to help--please contact us and volunteering some of your time!!

Go Cowboys!!